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Hyperthyroid test results and cause.

I started with pain on the right side of my neck especially when yawning, coughing or sneezing. Prgressed to fever, muscle aches, headache etc. Went to Dr. and given antibiotics for infected glands. Two days later a lump the length of an egg appeared on the front of my neck off to the right. Antibiotic did not help, began to shake and have night sweats, fatique, trouble sleeping(which is normal for me)lost 8 lbs in 2 wks thou eating normal, fast heartrate 100-120, warmer than normal. Finished antibiotics and continued to run fever but not as often. Nurse friend listening to my symptoms told me I need to go back to the Dr. which I did. Dr. said it sounded like thyroid and sent me for tests. In the meantime fever went away and I was feeling somewhat better lump in neck started to go down fever gone. Test results were TSH .1, FT4 3.55 (.58-1.64). put on PTU and Inderal will retest in one month. Questions, Do these test result show slightly, morerate or more  hyperthyroid? (I am clueless) Does this sound more like thyroiditis, since it started with flu symptoms and I was feeling somewhat better with lump decreasing to smalled than a marble before I started on the meds? I am thinking that is what it sounds like, but a few things cast a little doubt in my mind.  Dr. notice that blood work in 2002 showed a TSH of .2 and I have struggled with insomnia on a regular basis, have read on internet that premature graying increases chances of Graves, (I have been 98% gray since my mid 30's, now 46), have a cousin with Graves.
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Moderately hyper -- sounds like thyroiditis based on your description -- but could be Graves given the 2002 lowish TSH.  If thyroiditis - it will resolve on its own (even w/o PTU)within 6 weeks in most cases and then perhaps go through hypo phase.  Would check thyroid antibodies and do thyroid ultrasound to look at the lump to see if it's a thyroid nodule.
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You might think about getting your thyroid antibodies checked, the one specific for Graves is TSI (thyroid stimulating immunigloblin).           Good Luck
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