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I'm  41-year-old  lady.  My  Total   T3=1.40, Total  T4=10.21  and  TSH = 0.01.
Reference  Ranges  for  the  Lab   where  testing  was  done :  Total  T3=0.6-1.81 ng/mL,  Total  T4=3.2-12.6 µg/dL, TSH=0.35-5.5 µIU/mL.
Brief  History:
27-Jul-2005:  Total T3= 1.02,  Total  T4= 5.7,  TSH=7.18  (No  thyroid  medication  taken),
14-Sep-2005: Total T3= 0.89,  Total  T4= 6.1,  TSH=5.99  (No  thyroid  medication  taken),
23-Nov-2005: Total T3= 0.99,  Total  T4= 6.4,  TSH=4.31  (No  thyroid  medication  taken),
26-Sep-2007:  Total T3= 3.56,  Total  T4= 22.6,  TSH=0.01
10-Oct-2007:  NEOMERCAZOLE  5  mg  tablets  STARTED,  1-1-1,  3  times  a  day,
19-Jan-2008:  Total T3= 0.76,  Total  T4= 3.9,  TSH=23.14,
29-Jan-2008:  NEOMERCAZOLE  5  mg  tablets  STOPPED.
29-Mar-2008: Total T3= 0.99,  Total  T4= 5.9,  TSH=4.77 (No  thyroid  medication  taken),
16-Jan-2010:   Total T3= 1.13,  Total  T4= 6.87,  TSH=4.19 (No  thyroid  medication  taken),
13-Oct-2010:   Total T3= 1.72,  Total  T4= 13.57,  TSH=0.01,
27-Oct-2010:   NEOMERCAZOLE  10  mg  tablets  STARTED, 1-0-1,  2  times  a  day.
18-Dec-2010:   Total T3= 0.61,  Total  T4= 3.20,  TSH=37.44,
24-Dec-2010:   NEOMERCAZOLE  10  mg  tablets  STOPPED  and    NEOMERCAZOLE  5  mg  tablets  STARTED, 1-0-1, 2  times  a  day.
16-Feb-2011:   Total T3= 0.98,  Total  T4= 4.83,  TSH=7.26, (NEOMERCAZOLE  5 mg  tablets  CONTINUED, 1-0-1,  2  times  a  day.),
30-Jun-2011:   Total T3= 1.19,  Total  T4= 7.60,  TSH=3.52, (NEOMERCAZOLE  5 mg  tablets  CONTINUED, 1-0-1,  2  times  a  day.),
03-Jul-2012:   Total T3= 0.78,  Total  T4= 7.00,  TSH=2.98, (NEOMERCAZOLE  5 mg  tablets  STOPPED.),
01-Nov-2012:   Total T3= 0.88,  Total  T4= 7.18,  TSH=3.45, (No  thyroid  medication  taken.),
27-June-2013:   Total T3= 1.40,  Total  T4= 10.21,  TSH=0.01, (No  thyroid  medication  being  taken  at  present.),
What  should  be  the  best  course  of   action  for  me?  Is  there  a  permanent  cure  to  my  problem?
Chaitali  Das
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you likely have autoimmune thyroid disease that may be going between hyper and hypo with times of medication induced hypothyroidism from the neomercazole (which is an anti-thyroid medication).   Now you are hyper again and given the years of back-forth, it may be time to consider definitive treatment with I-131 or surgery - would talk to your endocrinologist about this.
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