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Hypothyroid and Not Sure What is Wrong...

I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for almost 20 years and have been on .112mcg of Levothyroxine a day for roughly the past 8 years. Last January, my TSH level was only 0.11 and in October of this year (2008) it was 0.50. My doctor did nothing when my levels were so low in January. In fact, I didn't even know they were that low until this morning when I called and asked. In January (when this latest blood work came in) it showed that my cholesterol was a bit elevated, so my doctor put me on Crestor. I took for only two months and started having severe muscle pain in my legs and arms. I stopped taking it immediately. I might also add that I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis about three years ago. I was also diagnosed with IBS-Constipation prevalent roughly four years ago. I SUFFER with EXTREME fatigue, severe calf muscle pain with a dull, throbbing, aching pain, hip pain, groin pain, severe muscle pains in my arms, upper and lower muscle back pain. I thought this would stop when I stopped the Crestor but it most definitely HAS NOT. I have been off of Crestor for approximately five months. I suffer daily with pain, constipation and stomach issues.  I also have a bad memory and horrible concentration. Could all of this be related to my thyroid being too low?  The muscle issues, stomach issues, constipation, memory?  I need help and don't know where to even begin to get it.  I feel out of control and I just want my life back !  I am only 47, but I feel like I am 80.  I would go back to my general doctor, but for obvious reasons I don't trust him anymore.
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The TSH of 0.5 suggests adequate T4 replacement.  From a thyroid standpoint there is not more to do besides a trial of adding some T3 (ie cytomel) but research suggests this does not work for most patients.  Would also keep working with an internist to make sure nothing else is happening (ie a separate muscular problem).
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I just want to add that I was looking at my latest lab results and the TSH level says it is TSH 3rd Generation.  Also, wanted to say to Dr. Lupo that I really really appreciate any advice he can give me on this.  My life has basically stopped because of these symptoms I am experiencing, so anything you can tell me would be of great and sincere appreciation.  I just am not sure what to do or who to go to.
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The thyroid can affect so many things in your body.  You might consider taking natural thyroid hormone replacement.  I also took Synthroid for 15+ years but still felt like I still had all the hypothyroid symptoms.  Blood tests said I was within range.  I read a book about Hypothyroidism by Dr. Mark Starr and went to see him.  After taking natural thyroid, I am feeling much better.  It does take awhile before getting the results (1 -2 years) but I did see progress.  You might want to check out Dr. Starr's book.
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