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Hypothyroidism and SSRIs for Depression/Anxiety

I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which runs in my family. Both of my parents are very overweight, which has led to health issues for them.
I was on Paxil for the last 8 months for anxiety and depression and gained 25 pounds. In addition to that, while on paxil, my credit score dropped because of irresponsibility on my part, my grades dropped, I didn't have energy to exercise as much as I used to and I was fired from a job for the first time ever. The positive side to all of that is that I was much nicer to my husband and less irritated all the time. My panic attacks were less frequent and I smiled more.
I have stopped taking paxil per my doctor's recommendation because of weight gain (which, until very recently was completely out of character for me) and a hypothyroidism diagnosis.

My question is:  what are my options as far as SSRIs or other depression/anxiety management medications for someone with hypothyroidism and a genetic predisposition to gaining excess weight? Given my brief history above, would it be ill advised to give synthroid a chance to work see if that helps my depression as that is a symptom of hypothyroidism?
I have body image issues because of my parents' weight and live an active lifestyle while being very careful of what I eat. I am terrified of significant weight gain and cannot deal with it emotionally. I already have a stack of cards against me with hypothyroidism and am just curious what my options are.
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If you have untreated hypothyroidism, this should be addressed but the weight gain w/ SSRI's like paxil is not related to a thyroid disease or genetic predisposition that I am aware of....
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