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Hypothyroidism causing weight gain?

Like other posters on these boards, I am concerned I have hypothyroidism.  It seems to run in the family (mother, sister, and cousin all have it), and I've had a strange influx of symptoms the past five months -- weight gain of 30 lbs (despite being a marathon runner, watching diet, etc.), insomnia but fatigued, headaches lasting for days, thinning hair, brittle nails snapping off, constipation, depression, etc.  I got tested by an endocrinologist and my results are below. However, the doctor determined that my results were "normal."  While they might be normal, are they questionable enough that I might want to seek further advice?  Between all the symptoms and family history, I am not convinced that I should just drop it.  I'm sick of feeling so crummy and don't know what else to do.

T4 Level -- 0.74 (range 0.71-1.85)
TSH Level -- 2.35 (range 0.45-4.67)
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies -- < 0.5 (range 0-3.9)
Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy -- 28 (no range given)

Metabolic Panel:
K -- 4.5 (range 3.5-5.0)
ALT -- 40 (range 9-52)
Na -- 138 (range 137-146)
Ca -- 9.5 (range 8.4-10.2)
AST -- 45 (range 16-50)
Cl - 104 (Range 98-109)
Creatinine -- 0.84 (0.52-0.99)
CO2 - 28 (19-30)
Prot -- 6.9 (range 6.0-8.4)
Anion Gap -- 6 (range 3-16)
Alb - 4.3 (range 3.3-4.8)
Bili, Total - 0.5 (range 0.2-1.3)
BUN -- 12 (range 6-21)
Alk Phos -- 57 (40-120)
Glucose -- 72 (65-99)
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The levels look pretty good; no evidence of immune system attack on thyroid (negative antibodies).  The TSH in the high-normal range, T4 in the low-normal range.  Would consider seeing an endocrinologist to consider a trial of thyroid hormone treatment; but with these levels, there is not necessarily an expected benefit.
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I hope this helps you.  Even though I was born without a thyroid gland and I am the only one in my family with this particular problem, you might want to either have a 'man to man' with your Indo or find another one!  The thyroid gland controls weight gain and loss, temperament, pain, depression, etc.
I can only speak for myself.  When my dosage isn't right, I gain weight, my skin gets really dry and cracks.  My hair gets really dull and thin. I stay tired and hurt as if I have the flue.
With you being athletic, trust me, nip it in the bud before you wind up gaining another 30!!
I have been tested, poked and prodded in the name of finding out why I'm so big! This really bites!! When my GP had me tested, he determined I was getting too much thyroid medicine, and he dropped it from 2.25 to 175 and then to 150.  I am irritable as heck even with Cymbalta (severe depression), I've gained over 40 #, my scalp is so dry  and itchy I've scratched holes in it.  At the beginning of this year I was better able to move around, my hair was shiny and healthy, my skin was good, my complexion and everything was good, I had even been able to walk without my cane.  I'm back on the cane much of the time and sometimes have to use my wheelchair.
Please catch this before it's too late?
Best wishes
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Even though you have had bood test that say normal you could still have a hypothyrod condition.     Hashimotos disease is an anti body in the blood that destroyes the hormon.
It takes several test at different times of day and different days to find a hypo. condition.
I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 1971 and have been treated for this condition since then.   I also was a case study at the time for nine months.  It took two weeks of blood tests to show I had a low thyroid level, and it was a very low level.
I have had a Dr. for the past ten years under medicate me and would not listen to my me re: my symptoms.   Finally found a Dr. who understands and listens.   My meds. have been increased and I no longer have hypo. symptoms.
You can't go by the test numbers to treat a Hashimotos patient, you have to treat by symptoms and check the liver and kidneys each time blood test are ran.
Also,  birth control pills do not work with this disease, you might as well take an aspirin,  an aspirin you say, that doesn't do anything to stop pregnancy.  Your right and neither does a birth control pill stop pregnancy with this disease,   I know,  been there done that.   So find a Dr. who is famililiar with Hashimotos and be tested for this disease.
Good luck.
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I agree---this seems to be *THE PRIMARY* concern I read TIME AND TIME again across all Endo discussion boards..."Doctor does not listen"----I have NO CLUE what's what in the Endo community, but it seems there is a VERY HIGH degree of this...

For crying out loud...my friend goes to an Endo- I take Cytomel, told my friend (who's 6'2" 600lbs and eats like someone at 150lbs ---he DOES NOT consume enough calories to "maintain" that body weight...something is *DEFINITELY* wrong with him Metabolically...

However his POS Doctor did not even know what Cytomel is...and it's only a Drug that's been on the Market since the 1970's!!!!!!! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!

You have to keep looking!!!..

If your Endo does not do MULTIPLE blood PANELS when you see him/her..RUN FOR THE HILLS...(ie. if all they rely ONLY on a TSH number---the AACE - American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has already said to do *MORE* testing than just a TSH if you "Present" with Symptoms.....

Read this to get an idea of the "ongoing debate" in the Endo community....


The TSH Reference Range Wars: What's "Normal?", Who is Wrong, Who is Right...
And What Does It All Mean For You and Your Health? Updated: June 19, 2006
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Have you been evaluated for PCOS or insulin resistance?
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I am SHOCKED!   The POS Dr. didn't know what Cytomel is?
I think a lot of Dr's out there are so unfamiliar with Thyroid conditions that no one should expect them to treat a patient with any type of Metabolic condition
As to your friend,  your so right,  he or she really needs to see a specialist.
I learned many years ago, most overweight people have a serious condition that only Endo. Dr's can help with.
I do hope you convience this person to see a specialist,  good luck to you and your friend.
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