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Hypothyroidism treatment

I have been taking Synthroid for 25 years.  I was on 125 MCG until the latest TSH showed 5.10.  Now I'm taking 137 MCG for 10 days,  and I look and feel nervous, aggitated and just not good.  I've noticed some hair loss lately.  I want to try Armour but my Dr. doesn't seem to think it is easy to regulate.  I'm looking for a good Endocronoligist but the one I was referred to does not take Medicare patients.....so, I have to continue my search.  My question is, could I take 125 MCG one day and 137 MCG the next on a regular basis.  My parents had a history of heart attacks and according to what I've read the Thyroid needs a balance to prevent further complications of a heart attack.  I've also had depression off and on, and that isn't my personality.  I live with headaches and have often wondered if Synthroid is a contributing factor.  Thank you.
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Please talk to your doctor before making any changes, but, yes, many people alternate.  Also it may take 2-3 weeks to adjust to a new dose.  Too much thyroid medication does increase the risk of heart rhythm problems -- older patients who take T3 containing meds (such as armour) may be at higher risk for this.
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Hi, Yes you absolutely can alternate. I did it for years as I was very sensitive to any change and had to do it very gradually. Everytime I adjusted downward I would have to either allternate or take one dosage say 137mg 5 days and then 150 on weekends.  My endo said it was perfectly fine.  I am now attempting armour and I must say, I am having a hard time regulating, mainly due to feeling hypo, but can't increase due to heart palpitations. Its been really hard for me to find someone to prescribe and then he didn't do it properly (dosaging, splitting etc). I am now attempting and thinking of going back to Synthroid with just a very small supplement of armour to get the T3. I am working my way up on Synthroid now from 25mcg to 50mcg while on a total of 75 of armour (split in 2 dosages). Have you ever considered Cytomel? You might have an easier time getting doctor to let you to eventually try. That is T3 and when I first tried it, i felt amazing, but again, my dosaging was started way too high and I started having heart Jumps so I stopped.  You might keep in mind too that it will take at least 6 weeks on synthroid to get a good lab reading, so if you start alternating give it a little time. Patience is so hard with this. I just increased today and I can hardly wait to start feeling better - I am so tired!! Good luck and hang in there!
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Hi...Thank you for your response.   I am going to alternate dosages and hopefully this will help.  I had heart palpitations for two days and could hardly navigate when I started taking the higher dosage.  I'm in search of a Dr. that specializes in Thyroid and I would really like to try the Armour.  I am not familiar with Cytomel, in fact the Dr. has never mentioned that as an option.  What is your TSH level?  I read that in the past two years the normal range has changed from between 1-5 to 1-3.  Sorry about the being tired but
I do know exactly how you feel.  Take care.
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It might take a few days for it to slow down. If it really gets too bothersome, I would even take a couple of days of the lower and then start alternating. Armour is T4 and T3 in "natural" form from desicated pig thyroid. The ratio is not as it is in our thyroid.  Don't quote me, but I think its something like 5 times more potent in T3 (or ratio of T4 to T3).   T3 is Cytomel is synthetic form of T3 that you can add to Synthroid (T4). I would definitely try cytomel first before venturing into armour as it is work to get it regulated. Just make sure they start you at the lowest dose as I think that's where I went worng. I am not sure but I do think TSH levels were lowered. Its not been an issue for me as I had my thyroid removed in 1994 due to cancer. And with cancer the protocol is to suppress tsh to below 1 which is suppose to prevent reoccurrence. I just had blood work yesterday and I am very anxious to see results. Hope that helps.
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One more thing, just make sure you are consistent in whatever you are doing for at least 6 weeks before you have any lab works so you can get a more accurate reading on your levels. Then you will know exactly what alternating is doing. Just thought i should mention that! Have a great day.
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Mon./Tue. I took lower dose, yesterday higher, and it just buzzes me, but I think it will eventually be OK>  I have blood tests again in 7 weeks so I'll wait and see.  I do know I lose weight when I take the higher dose, but I'm not sure what's right anymore.  It really is difficult to find a Dr. that is actually good with Thyroid problems.  Thanks for your info.
How did you find out you had cancer?  Hope you have a happy day.
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