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Hypothyroidism with thyroid and lymph node enlargement

I am 21 years old. Last March I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I had all of the text book symptoms of it, I gained 30 pounds in 3 months, constipation, dry skin mood changes, fatigue and muscle aches all over all the time. I also burn in the sun more easily which i never burned before. In July he told me my thyroid was kind of enlarged and so he sent me for a ultrasound.  The results said I have a heterogenous thyroid gland with no distinct nodule and enlarged lymph nodes. About a moth later after a UTI which resolved when treated with bactrim, I started to get random low grade fevers (99.0-100.8) accompanied by nausea and feeling like I was getting a hot flash. When it flared up my face would get red  kinda like a lupus butterfly rash and I felt like I had a brick in my stomach.  Sometimes it would last a few hours and sometimes it would last a week then go away. This lasted for 2 months. My doctor said I had subactue thyroiditis and he perscribed me naproxen.  I stopped getting the fevers for now but some times the skin around my neck is tender like my nodes are still swollen. Currently my tsh is 3.0 im on 100mcg of synthroid and I still feel so tired and achy all the time. I asked my doctor to do a ANA which he said came back normal.  I am going to an endocrinologist but I wanted a second opinion about all this because I just want to feel normal again.. I feel like my tsh could be somewhat lower, then i might get some of the energy I used to have. But my pcp says it is fine and now he thinks im crazy! Do you have any advice about all these symptoms and what should I expect my endocrinologist to do about the enlarged lymph nodes and  thyroid  as well as the TSH level. He also tried to treat me for fibromyalgia but the Elavil and Cymbalta had weird adverse affects on me by keeping me up all night and having restless legs. So i never followed through with this diagnosis I really think this is my TSH level making me feel so crappy all the time.
Thank you
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The TSH is high normal -- would complete the evaluation by testing thyroid antibodies, if positive - given the symptoms - would consider a trial of thyroid hormone.
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When you say thyroid hormone do you mean Armour? Because I am already on Synthroid?
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I am not a doctor and I may be way off but I have lupus and now I am having thyroid issues.  I am having an ultrasound done in the morning of my neck.  I think I would ask your doctor to check you for thyroid antibodies with the possiblity of you having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  Just a thought.
Good luck and let me know how you are.
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No, your not way off! My PCP tested me for this and I still have yet to know what the results are so thats why I am going to be going to an endo next month, I just really feel that he may not know what he is doing with my TSH level.  I also found a huge lump on the right side of my neck above my thyroid so I wanna get that checked too. All this **** just ***** I'm so sick of not feeling normal! But let me know how your ultrasound goes, Ill keep you updated! Thanks!!
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I have a goiter, but my TSH was in the normal range.  My doctor said she was not concerned.  However, because my mom has Hashimotos, I insisted on following up with an antibody test.  I was feeling tired, gaining weight, and have had very frequent headaches for years.
Turns out my antibodies were in the thousands, which more than confirmed the Hashimotos. TSH tests are not comprehensive in determining thyroid health.
Joni, I also have a very large lump right above my thyroid on the right side.  It sometimes swells large enogh to cause a deep ache in the neck radiating out towards my jaw.  The lump is tender, my thyroid is not.  The lump is right above the goiter (the right lobe of my thyroid is much larger than the left).
I have any endo appt, but not until April.  I just want to feel normal again as well, without this pain in the neck.  On the positive, my heaaches are less frequent with the synthroid and my energy is a little better too.
Please let me know if you hear anything about the node above your thyroid - I can't seem to find anything specific online.
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