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I think my son may have a thyroid disorder

I need to know if I should take my son to an endocrinologist now or wait 6 months to run more test? My son will turn 7 april 30th. He weighs 56lbs and is 46 in tall. He has been diagnosed with 3 diseases in his left eye. He has been in speech therapy since he was 3 yrs old. Always had allergy symptoms. Had cellulitis 4 times from misquito bites. He is pale, has constipation always, poor diet, complains of neck pain, very tired after little exercise, his hair is like straw. He has enlarged growths in his nose, I have noticed small knots on the base of his head behindhis ears, if he gets upset it looks like his neck swells and he can't breath, very emotional at times. About 3 months ago he bagan complaining of back pain ( right above his left hip ). I took him to the dr that afternoon he said his sactum and spine were out of a line and did manipulation. He has been to the dr alot since then; for fluid in his ears, allergy symptoms, and still the back pain, the latest he ad a fever for a week. At the last visit on 3-2-09 he decided to do blood work here are the things out of range; bun  creatinine ratio 21/ creatinine .48/ potassium 3.1/ lymphocytes 789/ eso 7/ TSH .38 On 3-3-09 dr. called said to push potassium and they were checking his thyroid.On 3-4-09 thyroid test freeT4 was normal and T3 high. Nurse called said the test were confusing and they would see me next week. 3-12-09 dr said the thyroid test were confusing and he would test agian in 6 mos and dr tested his potassium  (after  I insisted b/c he hadn't had diarrhea or vomiting). On 3-13-09 nurse called potassium up at 4.1 blood sugar dropped to 64.( It was 88 on 3-2-09) the test was done at 3:45 he ate a oatmeal cake and propel water at 2:30. He had not had gym before that. Now we are going one month without pushing potassium and retesting the potassium on 4-14-09. I'm very concerned at this point. I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank You         concerned Mom, Dodd404
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Would recommend seeing an endocrinologist to make sure the thyroid is okay --- the labs sound borderline, but 6 months may be a long time to wait to retest.
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Hi, I have a 9 year old daughter. I took her to the pediatrician for a cold-she tends to get asthma if the colds last too long. On Monday, April 6, 2009, the Pediatrician ordered thyroid panel along with normal blood work because she noticed my daughters neck was swollen. My daughter has gained weight in the last few months, but I figured it was probably ok because she wasn't complaining about anything up until when she got her cold. She told me her elbows and knees hurt. The results of the tests were as follows: TSH-84.25, Cholesterol-256, Triglycerides-284, VLDL-56.73. All other results were relatively normal.

The pediatrician told me to make an appointment with a Pediatric Endocrinologist and ordered a re-test to confirm the results of the Thyroid panel and also included a lipid profile which were taken on April 15, 2009. The results now shoe as follows:
TSH-87.23, Cholesterol-259, Triglycerides-321, HDL-41.30, LDL-153.5, Chol/HDL Ratio-6.30

Her appt. with ENDO is Thursday April 23, 2009 after having explained the initial results to prevent having to wait until an opening after mid-May. The ENDO told her assistant she wants to see my daughter as quickly as possible.

I do not know anyone with hypothyroidism and I am very scared. I have tried to find info. regarding children and thyroid problems, but the information seems very limited and due to the increase of 3 points in a week and a half, I am not sure if this is dangerous for my daughter. I don't know what to expect now...is she going to have complications the rest of her life?
Is an 87.21 too high for a 9 year old?
She is very tired and although she hardly has an appetite, she is still gaining weight...will she continue to gain weight and be so tired?
Because of the high number, should I be concerned that there may be another underlying problem that will require surgical interventions?
What is a dangerous level for children?

I am sorry for all the questions, but I am very worried about my daughter and can't seem to find many answers.

Please, if anyone can provide advise, answers or reccomend a web-site/literature...I know God will repay you for your kindness through blessings!
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hi. the dr won't answer your question because he only answers the first question in the post.

good you are seeing thwe pediatric endo very soon.

yes, it is serious to have such high tsh.  but with the correct treatment your daughter's problems will be corrected.

probably she will need to be on thryoid meds for life.  However, many people are so this is not a biggie.  But she will need regular monitoring and you will need to educate yourself and her on this.

You can go to the patient to patiietn support forum if you like (on the left hand side forums under T) to post more questions, if you like.

Best wishes

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It is now 4-20-09 since my first post I requested copies of all the test that had been done. I had confused somethng his tsh was low free T4 normal and free T3 low ( not high)
I decided after the last appointmant to see how my son did for the month have them retest as they had already stated they would and insist on retesting his thyroid at the same time. On Friday, 4.17.09, He went back for his follow up in the mean time of the month he has had 2 episodes with his back and we had to pick him up from school. At the visit a student doctor came in first I re-explained what had been going on. He said my son's hip was out of place and 3 bones in his neck were out of place a popped them back. He mentioned everything may have something to do with his prituitary gland. The reg. doctor came in and agreed to repeat all the test including cortisol. They did a urine test and several xrays of his hip and spine. In the xrays you could see he is very very constipated so they put him on miralax once a day. I should have the test results in a day or so. I will update again then. Thanks

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