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In Limbo about my thyroid surgery

My doctors discovered thyroid nodules on left and right side. Right side FNA indicated no cancer. Nodule on left could not be determined after 2 FNA's so I had to have surgery. The doctor said if it wasn't cancer he would just remove the left side of my thyroid which is what they ended up doing and I was happy. BUT today I had to go back for my post op. The doctor had received the final report from the lab which confirmed the nodule they were concerned about was benign. However, the doctor doing the biopsy said a smaller one next to the one we were concerned about showed evidence of cancer. My surgeon says we're just going to monitor the right side to make sure the cancer doesn't move over to that side. I'm a little concerned as to whether I should have him remove the other half of the thyroid since we got this info. or just monitor it closely like he wants to do. I know the cancer on the left is gone but I'm a little paranoid because I am a 14 yr. ovarian cancer survivor. But I don't want to do something that isn't necessary. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
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