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Iron Deficiency and Thyroid Disorders
Is it possible that iron deficiency can mimic hyperthyroid symptoms? Or can it cause hyperthyroidism that hasn't show up on TSH and T4 tests? I have typical hyperthyroid symptoms, the worst being generalized hair loss and excessive sweating (both started concurrently), but have had my doctor tell me that I do not have a thyroid disorder. These are my test results:

Ferritin 39 ng/mL
Iron 63 mg/dL
total iron binding capacity 388 ug/dL
Iron/total iron binding capacity 16%
Free T4 1.20 ng/dL
TSH 2.66  uIU/mL

I clearly have low levels of ferritin, iron, total iron binding capacity, and iron/irion total iron binding capacity. Would this alone be responsible for my symptoms? I became a vegetarian that ate very little iron-rich foods for about 2 years, which is when I noticed my symptoms--can iron deficiency cause hyperthyroidism, or is it vice versa? Can other nutritional deficiencies cause my thyroid disorder-like symptoms (heat intolerance, frequent bowel movements, sweating, general hair loss, memory problems)?
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Thyroid levels look fine overall.
Thyroid symptoms are very nonspecific, so could be one of many other causes.
If low ferritin, iron AND TIBC -- suggests anemia of chronic disease (Ie, another illness causing it - but not thyroid in this case) -- would talk to your doctor about why you would have this pattern.
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