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Just getting old, or Thyroid problem?

I am 43 years of age. My general symptoms are below...I want to know if these are possibly related to thyroid?

I have had excessive facial hair growth my whole life.

For 15 years I have had hyperpigmentation which is sensitive to light exposure.  This occured after a pregnancy and has never gone away.

I had some fertility testing done at age 39 that showed high FSH in day 3,5.

3 years ago, when I sought laser hair removal, the nurse noticed my facial pigmentation pattern and suggested I talk to an endocrynologist about my thyroid.  A visit to an endocyrnologist did not turn up nything "abnormal" for thyroid number although they said I had "slightly elevated testosterone".

One year ag, I had total, sudden loss of libido.  So finally at age 43, I  finally decided to revisit to the endocryonolgist.  A restest of my testosterone shows it is now a third of what it had been. I started testosterone injections 3 months ago and libido is returning.

Latest symptoms:

I have missed my period. Home pregnancy test is negative.
I had some slight eye puffiness two weeks ago....I though it was related to the laster hair removal, but that was almost 4 weeks ago and I woke up this morning with additonal puffiness in the mask area around my eyes and my eyelids.  Double bags under the eyes.

Chronic Symptoms:

I have always run cold  - although I've been feeling warmer lately.

My skin has always been on the dry side.

I have never had much energy. I can usually fall asleep if I just lay down.

I am frequently constipated.

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Could be thyroid -- recheck labs including antibodies to test.  Hopefully the testosterone injections don't worsen facial hair or cause acne.  Also consider adrenal testing if thyroid okay.
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Coco, Dr. Andrew Weil has a great (natural) solution for constipation. Please see his web site at www.drweil.com  
His Vitamin Advisor/health problems advisor lists a combo of Triphala and Magnesium Glycinate. He sells these in conenient packages. Good luck.
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