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Kidney Stones and Thyroids

My 16 year daughter has been suffering from kidney stones for the last 3 years.  I was just talking to a friend who mentioned to me that she knew someone who had suffered for many years w/ kidney stones and they determined that his thyroid wasn't functioning properly and they removed it; he hasn't had any problems since.  My daughter's thyroid function is also be watched by our family doctor, but totally unrelated to the kidney stones. Who should I talk to about this possiblity and what would link them together?
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The main connection with kidney stones is a parathyroid problem -- would ask for a blood test for calcium and parathyroid (PTH).  Parathyroids are glands that are next to the thyroid -- still independent from the thyroid problem though.
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Since seeking medical advice online is a new venture for me I was pretty quick in typing my original question.  After some thought, I was hoping that with a little more history you could possibly link other issues together.  She also suffers from extreme cramps during her period and was told she probably has endometriosis.  Ovarian cysts were present on several ultra sounds.  She also has a very low level of energy and always seem tired.  About 6 months ago her thyroid was enlarged and they did an ultrasound, but decided to watch it and repeat the ultrasound in 6 months, which would be 4/9.  Also on the 9th her urologist is testing her for reflux.  I hope that this additional information will help.
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Has she had a CT Scan w/o contrast in regard to the stones?  What has it shown?  I have an uncommon kidney condition called MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney) along with having had out 1/2 my thryoid bcz of nodules that were atpical but my parathyroids were fine and all tests were A-OK that both my Uro and Endo have run inc. a 24hr urine test.  

Has your daughter had a 24hr urine test?  That is important too.

I bring up the MSK bcz sometimes when younger people start so early with stones they possibly may have this condition .. it is a congenital anomoly from birth where the tubules are flared and the urine tends to pool in the kidneys in "sponges" deep inside the kidney "the medullary" and it is a pool that produces kidney stones and/or urinary tract infections.

Good luck on 4/9 ultrasound .. and do come visit on the Thyroid Disorders Community .. it is patient to patient forum and I know you will get lots of advice because many on that board have tons of experience to help you and share with you.


Oh, I am really happy .. I just passed my last stone a few weeks ago ... it was only 2mm but it hurt alot .. my largest was only 4mm but played havoc, too.  I produce calcium oxalate stones with no known reason other than the MSK makes me more predisposed to forming stones and family history as my mom, dad, and bro. all have had stones, too.


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