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Lab reports - Is it Hypo yet?

Hello Dr. Lupo,
My two daughters’ post RAI lab reports on 07/28/08…(RAI were done 05/19/08 due to GD)

Daughter A Started on 25mcg of Synthroid 3 weeks ago and did not seem to do anything for her yet.

FT4 1.03 range (0.61 – 1.76)
T3 111 range (85 – 205)
TSH 0.041   low range (0.35 – 5.50)

Daughter B Currently is not on any thyroid med yet.

FT4 0.99 range (0.61 – 1.76)
T3 92 range (85 – 205)
TSH 0.015   low range (0.35 – 5.50)

They are complaining of bloating, constipation and tiredness.
With the results above, what dose of Synthroid should they be on? Their T3s seem on the low side but TSHs were also low?
They want to start on the good dose of Synthroid to prevent getting worst from Hypo before heading back to college the end of August. The girls just got the doctor office to fax them the lab reports and we are still waiting for the doctor’s call.
Thank you so much.
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The TSH may be slow to increase -- would rely more on T4 and T3 levels in the first 3-6 months (sometimes even longer) after RAI for Graves.  In both cases these are in the low normal range and likely to go lower....
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