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Large Fluctuation in TSH numbers in short period of time

In April in my quest to figure out why I felt crummy I had my thyroid checked and my TSH levels were .85; then again (by my Rheumatologist) on July 17 and they were 3.97 and then (by my OBGYN because I still felt crummy) on July 30 and they had risen to 5.12 (my T3F was 3.84 with a normal range of 1.0-40.0, and my T4F.885 with a normal range of .300-6.0)

At the end of April when trying to get my thyroid checked I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia from the full blood panel they took.

My OB/GYN finally tested my T3 because I had so many varied symptoms (menstrual problems, pain in my uterus, palpitations, sweating, hair loss...all sorts of things).  He started me on 90mg of Armour Thyroid (but I asked him to change it because I don't ingest pork, or pork thyroid for that matter.)

What is going on?  Is it normal to see such a large change in TSH numbers?  I have been struggling for over a year to even lose a single pound then all of a sudden in March/April I quickly lost 10lbs and now I can't lose weight again and that is why I had my thyroid checked.  Where do I go from here?

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THe TSH is slightly high but the trend is suggesting new onset thyroid disease since april -- it is likely Hashimoto's.  There may be some weight gain/difficulty losing weight -- but this is usually more than just thyroid, so correcting the thyroid may not automatically correct/address the weight.  Using levothyroxine is the standard of care in these cases -- consider an endocrine evaluation to confirm.
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Thank you so much for your information, it is wonderfully helpful.  What exactly is the difference between Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism?  You mentioned that this is most likely more than just thyroid...what do you think the other culprits could be?  I was put on Armour 90mg, but he switched me yesterday to Levothyroxine 150mg yesterday.

My diet is wonderful.  I eat high fiber, granola and yogurt, brown rice, lean mean, and no white breads or refined sugars.  I don't eat sweets and I exercise 3-5 times a week and lift 3-4 times a week.  My calories are always below 2000 usually 1600-1800 and I have even tried weight watchers and stayed right below my alloted points and didn't lose a pound.

The endocrinologist has a wait list till January, so I'm nervous just depending upon my OB/GYN till then.  My family physician was of no use in all of this and said I probably would just have to settle feeling crummy and being overweight.  I'm glad I didn't just settle because like I knew in my gut, something was definetly wrong.
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