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Levoxyl decrease in potency

Hello all,
Ok I'm back with more questions.  I was on levothyroxine and had itching, felt very heavy headed like a weight was around my neck and crying spells. Oh by the way, gained 15 pounds. Ok, I changed to levoxyl 50 mcg. I am also on 15 mcg of cytomel. I felt a ray of light. I started to feel a bit normal. But all of a sudden, boom. Back down again, feeling sad and my headaches feel like they are returning. Here are my most recent labs:

T4 .9 (.8-1.8)
TSH .78 (.40-4.50)
Free t3 3.1 (2.3-4.2)
T3 total 106 (76-181)

TPA 713 high
Thyroglobin antibodies 219 high
Thyroglobulin .3 low (2.0-35.0)

Every time I try to increase my levoxyl I feel like there is a weight around my neck. And here comes the tears again. Also, I'm feeling a strange sensation in my spine. Any thoughts this time around? By the way should I keep the same post? Not sure. Let me know. Thanks!
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