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Levoxyl side effects

In December 2005 I was put on 25 mcg of Levoxyl because my TSH reading was 8.4.  At that time, I was also on Actonel.

Suddenly in February, my abdomen and legs started swelling up within a few days.  I felt fatigue and shortness of breadth.  I had difficult sleeping and I can barely climb upstaris.

I had never experienced such symptoms before the med.  So I stopped the med, because Levoxyl is making my health a lot worse than before.

Does anyone has such experience?  I had stopped the med for 2 months now.  However, my abdomen and legs are still extremely swollen.  How long will the side effect lasts?

Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Hard to interpret without labs -- the levoxyl dose was very low so it is reasonable to stop and see what happens in most situations. It takes 4-5 weeks to clear the system however so at 2 months you need to look into other causes -- see your internist to sort this out...I am not convinced it was due to the levoxyl.  These are also not typical side effects of actonel
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