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Low TSH, weight gain, osteoporosis

For several years I have had a low TSH blood results (.27, .14, )I am postpartum 4 1/2 months, last test result TSH .27 L, T-4 free/1.1, T-3 free 297 along with a vitamin D defic. I have had a steady increase in weight over the last several years and can't seem to get if off, low body temp, no sex drive, irritable, moody, fatigue and list goes on. I also had established osteoporosis (at the age of 34) back in 2003 and 2004 but have improved to osteopenia. I have been to two doctors with no answers of how to get to feeling better, no medications have been prescribed other than the Boniva and calicum/Vit D for bones. Do I need thyroid meds? Any suggestions really tired of feeling tired.
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The thyroid levels suggest borderline HYPERthyroidism - which (by the numbers) does not yet need treatment.  Cannot explain weight based on thyroid dysfunction.

The low vitamin D and early osteoporosis are suggestive of celiac sprue -- ask you doc to be tested for this and make sure the vitamin D levels are normal -- this can cause fatigue.  We don't know the effects of meds like boniva on pregnancies -- so would generally avoid w/ pregnancy.
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I am an indian 36 year old female 168cm height and weighing 78 kilos.
I have gained 20 kgs ove the last 2 years.. suffer from infrequent depression.. have lost interest in a zestful life, dont want to look at myself in a mirror . dont buy new clothes as the old sizes dont fit me any more. result eat more...
have been to an endocriniologist the test results as below.
Free T3 - 2.35pg/ml, Free T4 0.79ng/dl, TSH 3.42(meu)IU/ml
C reative protine 1.32
Homocysteine 15.3 (meu)mol.l, Fasting Glucose 104 mg/dl
HbA1c 6.57%
Colestrol 222 mg/dl
HDLCholestrol 39mg/dl
LDL Cholestrol 151 mg/dl
VLDL Cholestrol 32 mg /dl
triglycerides 160 mg

Medicines prescribed
Thyronorm, obestat, flovite, glumet strovas,ostocalcium,cosadex,revital
what does this mean?
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