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Lymph Node...

Four months ago I found palpable lymph node on the left side of my neck, inch below my jaw bone. It is about size of a kidney bean 3mm to 5mm, firm, but not rock hard, little rubbery, movable. When I head straight, it feels very small. When I bend my neck right, feels larger, about described size. No pain, not visible, no swelling, doesn't grows. My GP said it is normal, I stopped thinking about it. Then my anxiety kicked in. I went to ENT doctor, he examined my neck, and he said that this is submandibular gland and it is there because when we age some of them tend to lower down. I was so nervous. After I left, I figured out that he probably did not feel what I wanted him to feel. I went to another ENT doctor, and he said that this is a normal lymph node. He didn't even ordered ultrasound. He told me not to loose my sleep and relax. He also said that could be caused by my scalp psoriasis. Still looking for reassurance, I went back to my GP, he said the same thing. Run my complete blood panel, everything came back normal. I became obsesses why it is still there because I am scared I have cancer. I live in constant fear. I have deviated septum impacted wisdom teeth that never came up (bottom), had some gum problems (didn't floss much for years), psoriasis, chronic stuffed nose, stress at work and school....and lots of anxiety because the lump is still there. I went through the major sinus infection/cold/flu right before. I couldn't stay home way back then, had to leave for w weeks business trip.. I discovered the node I am not doing well emotionaly. Please tell me what do you think? My neck hurt when I was running between doctors. Then stopped touching it, the node got smaller (still palpable, round 4mm?,) and the pain went away. Since fed days I feel a lot of tension and little pain in my neck so sensitive to to every sensation. Asking myself why why? Doctors are not concerned? I wish that could be nothing..............
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Lymph nodes are very common in the head/neck region (we have 200-300).
Most of these are benign and reacting to inflammation or infection.
If the ENTs (experts in head/neck lumps) were not concerned then it's most likely fine.
I cannot give any more specific advice.
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Thank you doctor. My only concern is that is still there. Is it normal for the lymph node to be this size at normal state ? around 5mm? How long do they stay enlarged after, lets say sinus,cold ?

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Yes it is normal, 50 percent of the population have then, rage from 1-6 mm in size..  I have two.. on each pole of my thyroid.  If youve had radiation  you are more prone.  Women tend to have them more than men.  As long as they dont get alot bigger in size, you should be fine.  Sometimes as we get an infection, our thyroid also responds to our health.  Relax, and then in about a month, if you still feel uncomforable with it, seek a second or third opinion.  good luck,  hugs, okiegal
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Sorry for getting in this convo but Smilesokiegal I have two on each side one is bbigger than the other its a little above one centimeter all my thyroid blood work is normal should I be worried ? I am getting scheduled for a biopsy
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you say centimeter, do you mean mm?  As long as your thyroid blood work is fine.  I would just monitor them about every 6 months to a year.  If you notice problems, with perhaps hormones, or just the feeling that something isnt right.  It doesnt hurt to ask, or have a test run.  As long as your thyroid work all comes back normal, then I wouldnt worry too much.  I  found out by having a CT on another problem I was having.  I just found out I have a thyroglossal duct cyst, which is above my hyoid bone.  I came across the nodules in my lower poles by mistake, have not had any problems associated with my hormones etc.  Good luck, and let me know how your biopsy turns out.  Will be praying for you.  Sincerely, okiegal..
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Dear Doctor. I already started to feel better, but still scan my neck.....and I found another lymph node below my left ear. It is even smaller than the one I was freaking out about. I would say 2-3 mm with like small extension a ball of 1mm, movable soft...I guess not easy to find, but of course I found it. Is that normal to feel your lymph nodes even if they are healthy???  I guess doctor didn't feel in when he was checking my neck.I don't have any other symptoms besides anxiety....please answer my question.
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