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Macro Glossimia

I suffer from a constant swollen tongue. I was born with an enlarged tongue and had to speech classes at an early age to learn to talk correctly. I currently use a non flouride toothpaste, and I do not smoke. What could cause the swollen tongue? It feels like my mouth is too small and I have to bite down all the time to avoid having my tongue hanging out of my mouth.

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Possible your mouth is just too small for your tongue. I had a friend that was like that. You call it a swolled tongue, but have the doctors said swollen or just too big for your mouth?
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The Doctors have said it is Macro Glossimia, an enlarged tongue. I didn't have any problems with it for years and now for the past 3 or 4 years I have been snoring, went to a sleep clinic and did not snore, but was told that I have Macro Glossimia, I was curious if it is Pituitary Gland related, because my vision is getting worse, it is also getting blotchy. I entered menopause about 5 years ago, could this all be related? Could it be that I'm alergic to something?? We recently moved to a new house(4 years ago)I am only 45 years old
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All I can really tell you is get tested for allergies. It is hard to say what it is.
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