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Many symtoms and Thyroid issues

I have been experiencing multiple medical issues over the past year.  I am post-menopausal from a TAHBSO and take no perscription drugs except Alegrea for environmental allergies. I have some hot flashes but nothing that interferes with my comfort.  I have poor sleeping habits (unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. I take Valarian and Melatonin which allows adequate rest.  I began having bone pain and severe fatigue. I am 75 lbs over weight and have no interest in dieting or in anything at this time. I have been going to school for 9 years and will complete my Masters degree in 2009. I have many vague symptoms including constipation, difficulty concentrating, mild depression and general boduy aches. I have pressure when iI swallow but no difficulty breathing.
My MD ordered many blood tests and the only abnormality was my calcium level. it was 10.7 (normal high for this lab was 10.2.  Repeat was 10.7.  Bone density is normal.  Thyroid US shows diffusely inhomogeneous extensive relatively sonoucent nodules throughout the gland. Nodes on right 12x13x5mm midpole 19x13x7mm.  Left lobe28x13x16mm and upper pole15x7x11mm.
no parathyroid lesions noted.
Had a Sestamibi Scan done. No official results but no obvious lesions were noted, I am doing the 24 hour unrine for Calcium this weekend.  I have an appointment with a surgeon who only does thyroids and parathyroids. Can you give me any advice?

I have an appointment with
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You most likely have hyperparathyroidism -- I assume the PTH was high if an ultrasound and sestamibi have been performed.  Negative imaging does not mean you don't have hyperparathyroidism. If you have a high PTH and high Calcium the usual treatment is parathyroid surgery by an experienced surgeon who will be able to find the parathyroid adenoma even if imaging is "negative" - check out parathyroid.com for more info.

The inhomogenous appearance of the thyroid is suggestive of Hashimoto's -- would consider testing TSH and thyroid antibodies to correlate.  The nodules may require FNA biopsy - this should be done prior to any parathyroid surgery in order to determine if any thyroid surgery is also required.  Some parathyroid surgeons will simply remove the dominant thyroid nodules during parathyroid surgery.
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