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Mass near Adam's apple. So scared! Please help!

Hi all-- I am a healthy 28 year old woman and has just discovered a lump near my Adam's apple. I went to a quick care and the dr said it looks like its thyroid related but obviously cannot diagnose me without an ultrasound. First of all, I am terrified its cancer cause its on just one side and doesn't hurt. Also I have been feeling like my collarbone,neck and shoulder on that side have been stiff. Is this related? Please help.. I haven't been eating well since this discovery and am so anxious about it.
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Hi there,
You can't stress about it until you have had an ultra sound and possibly a needle aspiration of the lump.
Have you booked in for anything so far?
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Hi I went for an ultrasound and it is a 3cm complex cyst on my thryoid. I am so scared of cancer because I discovered this so recently.... And the size and that it's complex. :(
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Is there anymore tests you're going to be having?
I'm assuming they will do a needle aspiration?? Finding these things early help with diagnosis.
If it makes you at all feel better, I had a lump on the right side of my neck for 2 years, it got bigger and the doctors told me it was nothing and to just have it drained every three months.
Finally removed it and it turned out I had stage 2 papillary thyroid cancer that spread to my lympnodes and parathyroid.
Had all that removed and now I'm fine, just trying to adapt to the meds.
Is there anything in paticular you want ro ask?
We're not doctors on here so can't diagnose, just share our stories. If you have a good doctor you will get the best advice :)
Researching too much can also make you scared so limit how much you try to find, ask a doctor for second opinions if you have worries.
Hope this helped :)
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