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Memory loss, tiredness, fluctuations in upper abdomen

I was diagnosed as T2 Diabetic 4 years ago. I read on-line that Diabetes may be cured or greatly improved by a No-Carb diet.
I tried this last year for 8 months. I lost 1.5 stone (although, un-typically for a diabetic, I was not overweight to begin with) and eventually stopped (October 2009) because I began to suffer short-term memory loss and general tiredness.

Although I'm consuming carbs again (about 120gms/day) my condition has become so bad that it is affecting my life, both work and personal quite badly. Sometimes I even forget family members names. I apparently ask the same question when watching the TV 5 minutes after already having been supplied with the answer.

I have been an accomplished and recognised computer programmer for 40 years yet currently am unable to keep track of my coding from minute to minute.

An additional symptom that I have developed is strange fluctuations in my upper abdomen.

I recognise that the diabetes and no-carb diet may simply be coincidences but would appreciate any thoughts, views or experience that might help me understand what's happening.

As an afterthought, could stress cause such symptoms ?
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This is not a diabetes forum.  
Would consider seeing your general physician for an overall physical exam and labs.
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