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My TSH is 8.66

I just received my test results on my TSH which went from 6.74 to 8.66 and my T3 went from 2.9 down to 1.31 and T4 went from 1.27 to 1.31.  I am currently on levothyroxine 25 mcg.  I have this tingling throughout my body most of the time and recently I have been put on depression and anxiety medicine as I have severe anxiety/depression, but am wondering could hypothyroidism be the cause of my anxiety and depression problems as I am seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist for the psych .  I am just concerned if it is caused by hypothyroidism or do I indeed have a psych problem besides the hypothyroid?
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The hypothyroidism is not likely the cause of the depression/anxiety, but can impact the severity of these.  Based on high TSH, would increase the levothyroxine and check every 6 weeks, continue to titrate the dose, until the TSH is in the target 0.5-2.5 range.
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