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My lab. tests

Hi dr.
I did lab. Test for thyroid and the results is :
TSH 1.07  (.27-4.2)
FT4 20.24 (12-22)
FT3 5.42 (4-6.8)
My previous test did it in sep. 6/2012
TSH 5.62  (.27-4.2)
FT4  1.22(.77-1.8)
TPO 754.5 (1-16)
Im already on levoxyl 25 mcg/day, whats ur opinion is it ok to start ttc this momth or wait since my lab. Tests look very normal?????
Also im wondering if i m going towards hyper cause my tsh drop only in one month from high to very normal with small dose of levo. And I still feel of hypo symptoms fatigue, drowsiness, also some episodes of hypertension, palpitatiin, also is the episodes of migraine related to hashimoto or its not???
Thank u soooo much
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In general, the target TSH for women trying to conceive when they have a history of hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's (which is what your labs suggest) is 0.3-2.0.  From what you post, the TSH of 1.07 would be appropriate to try to conceive but do need to followup closely with your doctor.  I do not think that your other symptoms are likely related to thyroid medication but please discuss these with your doctor as well
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