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Neck Lump (Vein)

Sorry I didn't know where to post this, but I found a lump a couple of months back and it is hard and it seems to be located on the vein under the skin. It is on the right hand side of my neck and I have experienced some tingling feelings from it during the time I have ha it but these are not constant, it is painless the majority of the time. It is now currently only around 0.5mm and it is round. Thank you for taking your time viewing my question, I hope you can help to tell me what it is.
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Hard to know what this is without seeing it - would talk to your general doctor.  Usually if it is getting smaller (and 0.5mm is quite small), it is not serious.
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I have 2 protruding nodules that  are quite visible to the eye. at bottom of neck. General practitioner examined by hand and concluded that that the right hand side lump, covers pretty much all of the thyroid gland, to the right, and the left hand side one , is  smaller, but also visible to eye.

What does the size of the nodule indicate? Because of it's external protrusion,   is the size of  such a nodule, a cause for concern?

Is the external visibility of such a nodule, highly unsual, as my doctor seemed to imply?

Ultrasound is scheduled already. What other procedures can I expect with a nodule this size? What is the cancer rate , in relationship to the size of a nodule?

Gee, thanks.  Hope to hear from you soon..................M.

P.S. I did attempt measure them.
Don't laugh now!!

I cupped them using measuring spoons:  Ha!
Right hand side exactly the size of a tablespoon...left hand side, measures  a bit more than   a teaspoon, in my estimation  uh hum...

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