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Neck Swelling and pain under clavicle

I have had recurring sinusitus (chronic) for the past 15 months and had surgery to remove a cyst from the left cheek sinus in June 05. The sinus has remained troublesome bur manageable.

Over the last four weeks I have had neck pain which began in the bands over the shoulder and has gradually changed into pain underneath the shoulder mainly on theleft side. Right under my jaw feels tender with some pain up around the left ear jaw area, maybe swollen under the jaw bone but I dont know how they were before.

The doctor gave me some antibiotics for any residual infection of the sinus and combined with a few days rest in the sun the symptoms eased considerably. Within 2 days of flying home the whole lot was back with a vengeance and worse than ever.

The area in my throat dead centre below the adams apple feels swollen and is tender to push and hot drinks irritate it in a similar area.

Ive generally felt lousy on and off for 6 months, with frequent bouts of pain around the rib cage (which the doctor said was probably symptomatic of the sinusitus).

I have a clicking on rotating my neck to full extension both sides (which I frequently have to do at work to check a security camera behind my left shoulder)

Is this a thyroid problem, a musculoskeletal problem, symptoms of the recurring sinus problem or what.

The only diagnostic test I have had was bloods which indicated an elevated ERS level (17?). The rest of it seems to be just antibiotics every once in awhile.
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This may be a combination of musculoskeletal, sinus and possibly thyroid.  Would consider the possibility of thyroiditis - usually the ESR is higher than 17 but not necessarily -- would check TSH T4 & T3 -- consider ultrasound of thyroid to further evaluate that possibility.

Sinus recurrence may cause swollen glands in the neck (lymph nodes which react to the sinus inflammation).

The clicking sounds musculoskeletal.

The most unifying diagnosis would be sinus problems recurring.
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