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Neutropenia & Hashimotos

Hi Doc,

3 months ago diagnosed with hashimotos (antibodies present, elevated TSH)

Now taking T4 synthetic 100mcg , TSH 3.2.
Recent bloods revealed Neutropenia - Low neutrophils at 1.8   range (2.0-7.5)
High Anti-Tg 35 range <34
High Anti-TPO 966 <12
High GammaGT 114 range (5-70)
Low eGFR 84 range >89

Ive been getting sore throats, had visceral chicken pox (nearly died), camplobactyr, recurrence of herpes simlplex all within the last year.

I think my immune system is struggling so please can you advise.
Is the Neutropenia related to the hashimoto's, or is it something else going on.

How and when will my bodies resistance go back to normal (Neutrophils count)
What can I do to help my Neutrophils count ?

Current Doc says get a blood test in 6 months try again..do you agree ?

Thanks in advance
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Most likely something else is going on.  Hashimoto's and Graves can lower WBC, but would also look into other causes.  GGT is a liver test, the elevation suggests some damage to the liver but does not mean permanent damage.  Would consider a hematology (blood specialist) evaluation to look further into this or an immunology/infectious disease evaluation given the infections.
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