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No one takes me seriously

I am 34 years old, and about a year ago I noticed my hair becoming thinner and my left breast becoming larger than my right.  I went to my doctor who ordered a TSH with the results being 1.423 ulu/ml.  He said everything was normal and sent me to a dermotologist.  She took one look at me and said I had female pattern baldness and sent me home with an expired sample of Rogaine (which I had no interest in).  My left breast continued to get larger so I called my family doctor back and asked if the fact that I had been on Depo Provera for 10 years could be the problem.  He told me to see my OB/GYN.  He said that because I had gained 10 lbs that could cause my left breast to get larger.  (But yet the right stayed the same size?)  He suggested getting off the Depo, and I transitioned to Mirena.  A few months later my left breast is still getting larger and I feel a mass, so I contacted the Nurse Practioner (a woman) at my family doctors office.  She ordered a mammogram & ultrasound, it came back normal but a large cyst was present.  She said all is normal and sent me on my way.  Now almost a year later, my left breast is double the size of my right and my hair on top is embarassingly thin.  I have been back to my family doctor and I am waiting on my test results.  He once again only ordered a TSH....no T3 or T4.  Through some research, I have 13 symptoms that point to Hypothyriodism and I also have a family history of it in the women on my father's side.  But my previous TSH is more on the low end of the scale.  Is there anyway with a previous TSH of 1.423 I could still have Hypothyriodism?  If my family doctor tries to send me on my way again, I'm not sure if I should ask for an Endocronologist or another specialist.

Thank You
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this TSH is perfectly normal and does not predict a thyroid problem.
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Should I have my T3,T4,& antithyriod antibodies levels checked?  Could my TSH be in a normal range, but still have some kind of issue?  I have gone to my doctor at different times in the past for the following issues:  Hearing loss (I'm only 34 years old), Migraines, Breast Cysts, Depression, Hair Loss, Constipation, Fatigue, Weight Gain, Constant Cold Hands/Feet, Concentration/Memory issues, Bruising/Anemia, Sever Acne, and Night sweats.  My great grandmother, 2 great aunts, a aunt and a cousin on my father's side all have thryriod issues.  

I've read some things about pituitary issues, also some things about estrogen dependance.  I feel I can't let the doctor lead me to believe that nothing is wrong when my left breast continues to grow bigger and bigger at the age of 34.  
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