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Not the same person since TT 5 months ago any one with similiar problems

I had a TT for Pap. cancer about 5 months ago.  Now taking levothyroxine .150mcg tsh is were it needs to be but t4 is high.  Just found out B12 is close to being at low levels so got a B12 shot.  My problem is that I am just having a dfficult time functioning in life.  Everything seems to be extremly overwelming.  I have a loss of intrest in activities and little drive to do anything.  Everyday is a struggle mentally I feel like I cant keep up.  Prior to my TT I was taking meds for ADD and was doing ok.  Now im still taking meds for ADD and now the drs want me to take meds for bipolar because of my moods since the surgery.  Has anyone else felt this way months after a TT I feel like the drs dont know so they are just medicating me to try and help.  Stuck dont know what to do?
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Would consider asking about adding a small 5mcg dose of cytomel to the levothyroxine - probably need to decrease levo to 137mcg in this case.  This does not always help, and many docs don't feel it's worth a try, but we've seen success in some patients.
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Boy, I sure can relate to your symptoms. I am 2.5 years from pap/foll cancer. Just got all clear on labs. It took me at least a year to find my right dose. I am now at 150mcg levo and I take .5 cytomel 2x a day and this  really helped me. My weight finally got back to normal.
I do still feel overwhelmed and tired and loss of interest. I went to a naturopathic dr for awhile and took tons of supplements which seemed to help, but hat taking so many vitamins. I still take the fish oil, vit B's.
I think getting used to a new normal after TT is what its about. Life can't be the same with no thyroid, it's a very important gland and it's gone.
I can say I feel much better than I did 6 months after my TT. It can get better, but it doesn't seem to ever get back to the way life was before. Maybe just acceptance of this new normal and celebrate no cancer.

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