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Painful neck lump, weigh loss, fatigue


I discovered that recently I lost about 7 lbs. in a month.  I only weight 85 lbs.  I am 41 years old female.  I feel dizzy and fatigue.  Sometimes my heart beat very hard and fast, especially after I eat.  Frequently, I have diarrhea.

Last week, I started to feel the pain in my front lower neck. I can feel a lump on my front neck on the left.  It hurts when I swallow.  Sometimes the pain traveled through the back of my left ear.  I feel like something is stuck in my throat.  I did not have a fever.  Sometimes I feel hot but when I took my temperature, it was normal around 98.6 F.  My voice changes sometimes.  My voice sounds hoarse when I just woke up.

Is it thyroid cancer or hyperthyroidism?


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You need to see your doctor to have thyroid levels checked and a physical exam.
It is not likely cancer, more likely hyperthyroid due to Graves disease.  But with these symptoms you need evaluation and treatment ASAP.
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Hi Dr. Lupo,

Thank you for your response.  I have an appointment to see the endocrinologist tomorrow.

The blood test showed

FREE T4:  3.39 (0.8 - 1.8 ng/dL)         High
TSH:         0.0   (0.46 - 4.68 mIU/mL)  Low

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