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Partial Thyroidectomy - 6 weeks after - how does everyone else feel?

I had a partial thyroidectomy six weeks ago. The FNA had revealed papillary carcinoma in a 2.5cm solitary nodule, confirmed by the post surgery results. (yes, I took the controversial approach, as the doctor recommended, of only giving up half of my thyroid - mid 20's, no children yet, chose fertility over RAI Therapy).

I went to see the doc two weeks post op, was feeling great at the time. He told me my follow up would be in 6 months, we'd do a thyroid level check then. But, he said if my hypo was so bad that my hair was falling out to come back and we'd test it sooner. So, I have no idea what my levels are, and am not taking any thyroid meds.

So, at 6 weeks, my hair isn't falling out, but I feel horrible. I'm exhaused, achey, emotional, have headaches, maybe even a bit depressed, and do nothing but go to work and sit on the couch. Should I be giving my left lobe more time to get its butt in gear before I go running back to the doctor? Could I still just be recovering from the surgery? Could it just be a vicious cycle of lack of exercise mixed with couch potatoism?

The yucky looking incision didn't bother me the first few weeks, now its looking much better, and I feel worse about it, i think its just the emotional/depression thing coming into play. Did anyone else experience that?

How long before my neck isn't sore anymore?


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The remaining lobe usually makes enough thyroxine, but it may take a few months for this to balance out.  However, with a 2.5cm tumor coming from the other lobe.....would usually use levothyroxine medication to keep TSH in the low normal range.
Followup also needs to include periodic ultrasound as well.

With current symptoms, would not wait another 4 months for a retest...
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