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Partial Thyroidectomy + Parathyroid

Hi there
I underwent a partial thyroidectomy of the left lobe last week due to a complex goiter that measured 5cm in size before aspirate.  After aspirate I was left with a 2.5cm solid mass.  I get the results back this week.
While I was in surgery, the endo also removed a parathyroid because it was enlarged.
I am wondering if there is an increase in risk of cancer with a multi nodular goiter and enlarged parathyroid?
All of my labs have come back within normal ranges.  I am 27 years old and have suffered pre eclampsia during 2 of my pregnancies.

I would like to know exactly at how risk for cancer I am.  All of my doctors have been very tight lipped about the whole ordeal, I'd just like a realistic view on what could be possible.

Thank you
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No increased risk of cancer with prominent parathyroid.
Risk of cancer in a thyroid nodule is about 5-10% overall.
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