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Partial positive?

I was told my last ultrasound scan and FNA biopsy results were ok by consultant a while back but needed another ultrasound scan.
So i went for the 2nd US where they told me i had to have another 2 FNA's because my last biopsy came back as a partial positive!

So what does partial positive mean? need honest answers please.

BTW my thyroid function is normal.
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"Partial positive" is not a common term for FNA results so I do not know what they're talking about.  I would ask for more details and if more details become available, please repost.
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Anyone please know??
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Thankyou for replying, I'm in the UK so could it be an English term!
I audio recorded the scan/FNA on my mobile phone and can hear him say "some come back as positive and yours as come back as partial positive"  
i have another appointment this Weds so ill find out whats going on.
I will let you know.

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