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Pediatric Low TSH Lump on leg

Son (8) has low TSH (0.619 - lab range 0.660 - 4.410).  T4 is normal (1.44 - lab range 0.90 - 1.67).  Doctor did not do T3 ( was doing lots of other labs and threw TSH in as we noticed son had a slightly enlarged thyroid).  We are waiting three months to do a retake of TSH, T4 and T3.

We also found a lump on son's leg below the right knee a little over a week ago.  It didn't go down so much as divided into two lumps and has pretty much stayed that way for a week.  The lumps are soft and do not move.  They're about quarter sized.  Othropedic doc wants to wait a month and see what happens.  I'm wondering:

(1)  What does it mean to have an elarged thyroid, low TSH and normal T4?  and
(2)  Would the lumps have anything to do with the thyroid at this point?


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the lump is likely not related, would consider talking to your doctor about repeat of thyroid tests at 6-8 weeks rather than 3 mos but the levels you describe do not sound like a significant thyroid abnormality however the symptoms do require further evaluation.
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I should add that he's lost ten pounds in the last month, and alternates between falling asleep\lethargic to pratically vibrating.....
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