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Perplexed by Multiple Symptoms in 6-year old boy

My son is 6. He was born about 10 weeks early due to IUGR, possibly due to my thyroid problems (I have had 3 thyroidectomies r/t Hashimoto's and my mother had Medullary thyroid cancer while pregnant with me).  Other than GERD, allergies, and a T&A in 10/2013 he has been fine until summer 2013.  At that time he started showing classic signs of ADHD which we chose not to treat with meds.  However, we finally caved to the school in 11/2013 and put him on Straterra 20mg QD which seemed to help.   However, over the last 1-2 moths we have noticed some disturbing symptoms: Always cold (wearing coat with hood in 83 degree weather); Itchy a lot; Sleeps more; Very emotional; Pupils dilated when not appropriate (i.e. bright light); Distracted easily despite his meds; Rapid onset headaches resulting in emesis then rapid return to normal; Resting heart rate 115-130 (normal for him is low 80's); Clearing throat a lot. Also, he has grown 5" in the last 12 months but is exactly the same weight (45 lbs).  I've mentioned my concerns to the pediatrician who has blown me off.   Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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Thyroid testing (blood) sounds appropriate
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