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Please help

I have recently found out that my serum calcium level is high at 2.85 (11.4)..the reference range at the lab that did the test is 2.2 - 2.6.

I have Medullary Sponge Kidney (recently dx'd), I have passed at least 9 stones in a 4 month period and have 4 more in my left kidney (they are a combination of calcium oxalate and phospate). I originally went to see my GP approximately 10 months ago due to always feeling fatigued, also having muscle aches and bone pain and swelling I am also noticing more heart palpitations.
Just to complicate matters I have Adult Attention Deficit disorder. I take Dexamphetamine for this, around the same time  as the above symptoms started I noticed that the meds for the ADD didn't seem to have the same effect in controlling or helping the symptoms of the ADD.

Could the high Calcium level be due to hyperparathyroid given the continuing symptoms and could this be having a negative effect on my ADD (uncontrollable even with meds).
My Urologist does not want to see me for another 12 months and my GP is not interested / concerned with the high calcium level yet she admits that it is.

Any advice would be most welcome
Many thanks, Sam
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Yes, this may be hyperparathyroidism -- this has been reported in association with medullary sponge kidney.  Additional testing for PTH level is indicated.  The calicum is clearly elevated and may be contributing (but not the only cause) to the symptoms.
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