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Question about Elevated Estrogen


I am male, aged 36 (37 in June), 5 ft 8 inches tall and weigh 126 lbs and live on the east coast in US. My waist size is 31.5 inches. I have been seeing an Endocrinologist (EGT)since Jan 2007 for elevated prolactin/ low or midly normal testosterone. On Cabergoline since about Jan 2012. The sexual function improved greatly even thought there were periods of ups and lows intermittently.

Saw the EGT again in April 2013 and he measured my estrogen and it came out to be 183 pg/ML (Ref Range: 40-115 pg/mL). The values of Testosterone (Free and Total) were normal and the prolactin was 2.7 NG/ML (Ref Range : 4.0 - 15.2 NG/ML). I was asked to see him after a month or so and I saw him yesterday, May 5, 2013.

He ordered a blood test for estrogen and also HCG-Beta: Serum (Quant). He told me that rise in estrogen is a big concern and that the HCG-Beta: Serum (Quant) test would reveal the presence of any tumor. Further investigation would then be required. I have also been asked to take Anastrazole(1 mg) three times a week for three months and see him again. He examined my testicles for any mass and said that they were normal.

On a side note,I had gone to see my PCP last year as I had felt some soft lumps in my breasts. My PCP ordered a mammogram and it came negative for any breast cancer and hence my PCP concluded that it was just fat tissue. My mother died of breast cancer in March 2009.

Otherwise, I am fine. I workout twice a week and my bowel and urine function is fine. I do have IBS and gastritis. Whatever fatigue I feel is when I have not slept or eaten well.

I should get the results of my HCG-Beta: Serum (Quant) test tommorow or day after.

Given the above background and findings, do you suspect that my elevated estrogen is due to breast cancer or cancer of any other kind?

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