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Recent Thyroid Problems

I was recently diagnosed with a large cyst (5cm) on my left lobe and 2 small cyst on right.  Both benign.  My questions is I have a constant sore throat and pain in neck and also indigestion/ in stomach every time I eat.  I am convinced its my thyroid issues.  The endo doc decreased my Liothronine from 37.5mgcg to 20mcg because of side effects.  The last thing I want is surgery.

Do others her experience these stomach pains/nasusea/sore throats.

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The nausea and stomach pain is not typical for thyroid cysts/nodules -- however trouble swallowing, neck pain, cough, and hoarseness may be due to the cyst.  Would consider treating with an antacid (eg zantac or pepcid AC or prilosec OTC) - as acid reflux would potentially cause all your symptoms.
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Pegasus and Dr. Lupo,

I have almost the exact same thing. I have a multicystic nodule on my left thyroid and every now and then i get a pain in my neck followed by a minor sore throat and some hoarseness due to a cough i usually only get when it flares up. I recently have been getting an upset stomach almost everytime i eat and i thought it was due to my acidic levels. if i follow your advice about the antacid, would it help my thyroid at all, or just the neck pain, cough, hoarseness, and stomach aches? im very curious seeing as ive had this nodule for 4 years now and i still dont know if there's any other way to help it other than remove it through surgery, and like Pegasus, surgery is the last thing i want. Especially considering im only 18.

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