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Recovering from possible drug interaction

I have been on Synthroid treatment since the removal of my thyroids 10 years ago.
Most recently I was stable at 0.275mcg
About two weeks ago I had symptoms of acid reflux and took Prilosec and Zantac for about 10 days.
I noticed that I became progressively more fatigued, resembling the feeling I had when my Synthroid dose was too low.
Is it possible that due to the antiacids interaction my hormon level has dropped too low?
How can I recover? Should I increase my dosage for a few days?
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Changing acid levels in the stomach may alter synthroid absorption.  Antacids are known to increase synthroid (and other thyroid medications) requirments. If you are on these medications long-term then the synthroid may need to be increased, but if it is only for a few weeks, then the absorption should go back to pre-antacid status.
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If you go to the synthroid web site it tells you how there is a possibility that the antacid will prohibit the absorbtion of the synthroid. Example: If your taking 0,27 mcgs and take an antacid, its like taking half of that dose, so you would be experiencing hypo symptoms. I am not a doctor, I just read alot about this stuff since my TT. I would stop taking the antacid,and ask my doc about taking another 12.5  mcgs to make up the difference. But thats me.....
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