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Sed rate high after Surgery

I had a partial thyroidectomy 3 months ago. I am on 3 grains of Armour and my most recent tests were as follows:
t4=82 was 70 presurgery
and my sed rate was 60, but ANA came back normal as well as RA factor.

I have really bad joint pain and inflamation that I have really only noticed since having the surgery and I realized one may have nothing to do with the other.
I have many of the symptoms that are lupus like (nausea a times, rash on my nose and cheeks, plueresy in the past)I also have fatigue, head sweats at night and after any activity, tachycardia of 110 average, and I can't lose weight, despite not having much of an appetite. I can't find a Dr at my HMO willing to go the distance to find out what is going on here.

Anyone have any insight here?
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The sed rate is high - unlikely to be related to recent thyroidectomy.  I would see a rheumatologist to look into this - you can have lupus with a negative ANA.

The t4/t3 are sometimes tough to interpret on replacement as they vary with timing of dose -- usually better to follow TSH.  IF 3 grains is the right total daily dose for you (it's a little higher than average and I am concerned it's causing some of the symptoms) THEN consider taking 1.5 grains 2x/day.  Doubt the inability to lose weight is directly related to thyroid.  You may however be retaining fluid as part of another process.

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