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Severe Vertigo after Cataract Surgery

I had Cataract removal on my right eye about four months ago. Some three weeks later or so, I started to have a sensation of double vision, and I felt nausious at times. Weeks later I had my first experience with Vertigo, ever. I thought it was a heart attack and ended in the emergency room. Three days later the episode repeated itself, only this time I was at work. Ended up in the emergency room again of another city and away from home. Since then, I have experience incidents of severe Vertigo almost daily, and some of these land me in bed for more than a day at a time. This is not life.
I have noticed that when I cover the eye that was operated, and keep it covered for a while, the dizziness usually leading up to a Vertigo episode, seems to go away. I have also noticed that I do not see equal depth with both my eyes open.
Can this visual difference in sight between the two eyes be causing my Vertigo?
I hope you can send me a few lines with some encouragement.
Al Camacho
Columbia, SC        
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this is not a thyroid question - suggest general medicine or ENT sections or discussing w/ primary doctor.
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