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Should I look more into Thyroid

My son is now 12, for the past 2 1/2 years we have been in and out of doctors trying to figure out our growing list of issues. It started with patches of gray hair and mood swings, then precocious puberty, a hamartoma (or recently mention of a neoplasm) of the right cerebral peduncle, then depression and anxiety, and a diagnosis of a mild learning disorder and now asthma and allergies to gluten, casein, and yeast. Also he shows, some autistic traits and some ADHD traits. He is doing better, but he is always fatigued. Tuberous Sclerosis has been mentioned, but no answers. We are currently going to a naturopath and taking supplements for depression, etc. We have been repeatedly told his thyroid is normal. How accurate is a thryroid test? Do any of these symptoms sound related to you?
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The thyroid tests are very accurate, so if the levels have been normal, then it is not likely thyroid.  I am not a pediatrician, but a university based evaluation may be helpful.
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