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Still calcium problems

I have high calcium levels both blood and urine,,Did PTH test  Endo said was fine at 26 with calcium level at 10.1.My kidney stone problems is getting worse, and I'm drinking lots of fluids and taking water pills as well  .I had a TT many years back, my stone problems started after that..My calcium was high after surgery so they stopped the normal OsCal treatment you get after removal..I am in the Middle east now and my D levels are low at 10,so I can not see my Endo any more,, should I get a ultra sound done on my Parathyroids, or so other scan,since my doc before said it was not necessary.Any more kidney stone removels and Im going to loss function of my kidneys,4 lazier removals and two shock treatments
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Would continue to pursue the parathyroid work-up -- with a vit D of 10, Ca 10.1 and kidney stones - I still think a PTH of 26 is not normal (it's inappropriately normal).  26 is lower than we usually see for this situation, but primary hyperpara is the most likely cause.
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