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Subaccute Thyroiditis

I was diagnosed with subaccute thyroiditis in late September (approx. 2 months ago). My TSH was .004, T4 was 1.74 and had slow thyroid uptake scan.  I had pain in my neck, palpiations, fatigue, anxiety, consistant elevated body temp 99 - 99.4 and raised blood pressure for longer (approx. since June 2013).   About a month ago, my BP started dropping (and is now near  normal for me, around 115/70), less appetite, some fatigue (but less), some forgetfulness and my body temp is low (early morning usually around 97.2 - 97.4).  My TSH was just tested and is now 5.85.  I assume subacute thyroiditis is running its course.  My question is that I other symptoms I am not sure of; 1. muscle pain in my neck, back and shoulder, 2. Numbness and pain in my toes and 3. twitching in my feet, legs, arms and buttocks.  Does anyone else have had kind of symptoms going from hyper go hypo?
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These symptoms could be due to thyroid fluctuation but discuss them with your doctor.  You are right that the subacute thyroiditis is likely taking its course - most people have a full recovery and don't need meds.
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hi.  i had a lot of weird symptoms when i was going hypo..  puffiness, especially in my eyes.  i had early fullness that i couldn't get rid of.  i had a lot of aches...especially after exercise.  

it's like a yo-yo.  one minute you're going 100+, the next you feel like you got run over by a truck.
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