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Symptoms seem to relate to Hypothyroid but told that at 6.6 I am within the normal range

I have been having several symptoms that have progressively gotten worse the past two years.  I have been feeling overly irritable, weight gain of about 10-15 pounds that I cannot seem to lose, headaches, joint aches and pain (sepecially neck and elbows), lack of concentration, sleeplessness (sleep areound maybe 5 hours a night, escalted cholesterol levels, and I have been losing my voice every couple of months and that last for about 2-4 days typically, menstrual cycle that is very inconsistent.  I have asked for blood work several times and the most recent showed that on one range I was considered low however in the other I was in the middle so I did not have hypothyroid.  I swear I feel like I am going crazy and that this Dr office thinks I am a hypochondriac.  I am getting so frustrated.  That receommended anti depressants and sleeping pills.  I am not sure that is the right solution, however this is now impacting my family (husband and 2 children 2 & 3 1/2) not to mention my ability to do my job.  Someone please help me, if you have had these symptoms or if it sounds like something you have heard of I would appreciate it.  I am scheduled tomorrow for another wave of bloodwork, just wondering what test I should I ask for at this point.  Thanks in advance for any and all insights.
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The title mentions a lab test of 6.6 --- If this is the TSH it is high and given the symptoms, I would consider treatment -- even if T4 and T3 are normal.  Would also confirm with thyroid antibodies that the mild thyroid failure (aka subclinical hypothyroidism) is due to Hashimoto's.
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If you post over on the other board, you will find many who share your symptoms (it took me a while to realize that there is a thyroid support forum, which is why I'm putting the address here): http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ThyroidDisordersSupport/wwwboard.html
good luck!
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Thanks so much for gettingback to me, I got a phone call from Dr. office to fast tonight and they are going to run a full range of blood tests tomorrow to check for some  thyroid related problems, again thanks for your support.  It is a bummer to feel like you are having symptoms that are all over the place and try to find out the exact problem.
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Is your TSH 6.6? If it is, then you are hypothyroid! Can you post your blood level numbers, like B12 level, lyme disease test results, etc. whatever labs your MD ran, so others can comment more specifically. The answer could be in your labs, but we'd need to see the numbers. If possible, why not go to another doctor and have him/her expain all the blood work to you!! Good luck
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You need to tell the doctor what that 6.6 is ?  IS it FT3 ? or FT44 or TSH ?...  
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I went through the same for over 7 years. I finally found an osteopath who goes more by how you feel. the new "accepted range" is 3.5 and for those of us with autoimmune issues, closer to1.0 is better. read mary Shomon's books and webpages.  It literally saved my life. Synthroid din't help but once on Armour the aches began disappearing and everything got better. However, be patient it takes a while to gradually find your dose.
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