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TSH Level vs. How You Feel

Male in mid thirties, avg. weight/height, diagnosed with Hashimoto's 2 years ago. Over last 18 months, TSH levels have ranged from high of 4.78 in 7/06 to low of 1.40 in 7/07. T3 and T4's in normal range.

I have been taking 88 mcg of Synthroid for 8 months. I was surprised when current TSH level was 2.95, as last reading was 1.40 in July. I still feel "OK" mostly, not as fatigued or cold sensitive as when TSH was higher. I would like to keep my dosage as small as possible, but understand that my autoimmune disease might preclude that.    

1. Does this TSH climb mean the disease is progressing, or are readings prone to change normally, or for other reasons?

2. A newer study in Clinical Endocrinology says taking Synthroid at night leads to better absorption & better TSH. Do you agree or recommend this? What about its affect on sleep?

3. My doc says I feel good and am in normal range, so we should re-test in 3 months. Do you agree, or is an increase suggested now?

4. I have been taking 1/2 my usual Prilosec over the last month and using more Drysol (aluminum chloride hexahydrate anti-perspirant.) Could either of these things have affected my TSH?

5. Would adding a quarter tablet of 88 mcg twice a week to my regular dose be equivalent to alternating 100's and 88's every other day?          
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a target tsh is usually 0.5 to 2.5 for replacement and titration can be done every six weeks after a dose change.  Sometimes an extra half tab a week can be useful.  Night time dosing may be a good alternative, but am dosing remains standard, either is fine and re titration is necessary if the regimen changes.  Any anti acid may alter the dosing so the prilosec question is a good one.  An increasing tsh may mean more destruction of the gland.

A TSH of 101.34 (MADHU171) is very high and needs immediate attention and usually treatment with levothyroxine.
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Question for poster:  I fall in this same exact category and I think your questions are excellent.  My TSH was recorded at 6.0 and my doctor decided not to medicate despite feeling tired.  My question is: Do you take the prilosec for stomach problems?  If so, do you think they are related to your thyroid?
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i have a abnormal result of tsh. please tell me what to do am i .my report is this
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what am i do
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