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TSH high for son of 8 weeks

Hello Doctor,

The table given below is the Thyroid, Bilirubin test results of my 50days old new born son. He had a prolonged jaundice after his birth which had Bilirubin level over 13.5. The doctor suggested a Thyroid test to find the cause for prolonged jaundice after 5 weeks. Now he has confirmed that the TSH is the cause for this. He has given a prescription to my son. That is lthyroxine.

It would be very greatful if you can let me know this prescription could help my son to have a normal life. Should he undergo any other tests. Will he be fine after a course of time. This is worrisome for myself, my wife and for my family. Is this a complication which will be all thro his life. Will it affect any of his features. Please advice.


Thyroid Profile

Test                                                                               Result      Reference
Serum Tri-lodo Thyronine(T3)(CLIA)                                  158ng/dl      87-178
Serum Thyroxine/T4 (CLIA):                                          6.2 µgm/dl      6.09-12.23
Serum Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – TSH(CLIA)           15.9 µlU/dl      0.34-5.6
Serum Free T4(CLIA):                                                    1.1ng/dl         0.58-1.64

Test                                                                  Result           Reference
Bilirubin Total (Diazo)                                          8.3 mg/dl       0.2-1.1
Bilirubin Direct (Diazo)                                         0.6 mg/dl       0.2-0.6
Bilirubin (Indirect)                                                7.7 mg/dl       0.3-0.5
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The TSH is high, suggesting primary hypothyroidism.  This may influence bilirubin levels, but I do not have experience in neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and the benefit of levothyroxine treatment.  Hypothyroidism is a cause for bilirubin increase.  However the presence of hypothyroidism does not absolutely mean this is the only cause of the high bilirubin.  Would monitor closely the response to treatment.
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