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Taking Synthroid to "shrink" nodules .. is there a new protocol being used

which I saw you mentioned in another post as it relates to no longer using Synthroid to "shrink" a thyroid nodule?  This is interesting to learn, thank you for citing that in another post.  If you have a moment, can you expand on that as it is very important for me to bring up with my Endo as I have a 3.0-4.0mm stable nodule in my intact side after a partial thyroidectomy 1/07 which found two incidental papillary micro's which were fully encapsulated with no lymph node involvement.  I have u/s done ev. 6 mos and am on Synthroid for cancer supression (as much as I am able to tolerate w/o side effects which is TSH 1.8 on 75mcg of Synthroid) and so far the nodule is stable.

I'd love to read up some more on this new protocol .. is there a place I may reference it as it will help so many patients here at MedHelp when they speak with their doctors.

I have been told in my case that the Synthroid will act as a suprressor but also keep it from growing ....maybe even shrink it ........ (that was in '06 - '07) so any info is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Cheryl - Co-CL Thyroid Disorders Patient Community
(partial thyroidectomy: 1/07 .. 2 benign adenomas & 2 incidental pap micor's found .. for now we watch and wait as the remaining nodule looks exactly like the benign adenomas, and I am high risk for scar tissue due to complications from surgery #1 including infectious granuloma and stitch abscesses, etc. so vfar 3 ultrasounds look 'stable with tiny variation of size from 3.0-4.0mm maybe as may be very subtle if at all )

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If there is a history of cancer, then suppression is still important.  The current guidelines suggest against routine suppression of benign nodules - but if a patient has had radiation exposure as a child/adolescent or has had partial thyroidectomy revealing cancer and did not undergo completion thyroidectomy - then suppression is appropriate.
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i am on a therapy from my endo not sure how new it is but he said the case studies show that it will shrink the goitors  i have normal TSH multigoitor nodules  with hypo symptoms soooo my therapy is week 1 .50mcg  daily week 2  .75oz mcg   wk 3 is  100 mcg and week 4 is 100 mcg then in 2 mos i retest TSH levels plus i am on VIT D 3  ERGO as i was dangerously low which i am feeling human again the muscle aches and pains and insomnia and fatique irritiblity  and the VIT D is 50,000 units 1 pill per wk for 4 wks then test my levels  supposely studies show that people with thyroid symptoms  have a D problem to high or too low sooo mine was hypo and low d
hope this continues in good report   i;'m 43 non smoker non drinker if this helps others  and i drink pomegranite juice100 %  4 oz daily  if this proves beneficial and i take biotin  a B and altn't with sublinqual B  i'm nys if this helps  your endo can call my endo ca't hurt to share ?
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Thx Jmbirds for your post and thoughts.  All my metabollic levels are normal and I've been through the works with both my endocrinologist and urologist bcz I also produce calcium oxalate kidney stones (and gallstones).  I just recently (after 2yrs) wasrepeat  tested 24hr urine and all was normal as well as more routine physical-type bloodwork all normal.  My TSH was nromal @ 2.8 prior to my surgery.  Nodules found upon routine physical exam (about 2cm's), thus my thyroid entered my healthcare.  I am supposed to try taking magensium + Vit B6 for the kidney stones, but I have been lazy doing so since I passed the last stone in February and feel great (I know .. not an excuse).

I am ok with such a tiny nodule on the other side, but it does produce the "what if" from time to time..  

I know I always have the option to have the other half of the thyroid removed at anytime just by changing my mind.  I had 6 opinions and 4 said leave it and 2 said all out with RAI.  I am lucky to have had such thorough workups, followup care, and opinions that included Dr.Lupo last year who recommended TT + RAI which, technically is protocol given my case.

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my bf urologist recommended drinking lemon water frequently to keep kidney stones quiet assuming you have the same problem any citric juice but lemon water is cheap and free  at most restaurants now we like hot water with lemon slices and sugar ,no sign of stones ,so we drink lots also he is too limit dairy for his type of stones , he has graves diease which causes him to make stones so his dr said. his KUB was normal in april  hope it works for you?
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Me, too .. been told all the lemonade I want to drink would be great to help inhibit stone production  In my case, my parathyroids and caclcium production is normal!  Thanks!  I have tried to take a prescription med but had very bad GI reflux from it so had to stop ... Citric Acid + Potassium.  Urocit-K was the name of it.  

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I am on 100 mg of synthroid daily to shrink enlarged thyroid and nodules and it is working.  Thyroid is back to normal size and left lobe is clear of the two  2 cm nodules.  The right lobe still has a 1.3 cm nodule and has not grown.  My levels before synthroid were in "normal range" also, but in the basement of normal.  Since meds- most of my symptoms are gone or better.
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i just started the 100mcg and it seems as though my throat feels sore? and tight? is it par for the course it started feeling tighter when i was on .75mcg ? i am allergic to lots .now was your VIT D TESTED? did you have the severe muscle pains bone pain and insomnia calf pain? cause my symptoms stopped with my vit D and synthroid
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