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Thyriod Tests/Symptoms

I have repeatedly asked for testing for Thyroid problems due to the multiple symptoms that I have.  My labs (which my Dr.s usually only check the TSH level) usually are in the normal range, although, many times they are only a few tenths in range of what the labs consider to be the normal range.   The  TSH test (over 18 months ago) by GP (at my request and only tested TSH) came back .39 on a range of .35-5.0, retested 1 month later (by OB/GYN at my insistence and only tested TSH)  results were .85 on a scale of .35 – 5.0.   The latest labs (which I insisted on last week) are as follows:  TSH 1.51 on a scale of .35-5.0, T3 is 1.1 on a scale of .80-2.00 and FT4 is 1.04 on a scale of .80-1.7.  I also asked for FT3, T4, the Antibodies test and cortisone testing and my GP refused.    I have POCS, e Anemia, HBP (taking Cardizem CD 240), Since Oct 07 have high heart rate; night wake up and can feel my heart beating.(on Bystolic, normal HR around 85-95 for 20 years, now running around 120-130 off the Bystolic.  Need to come off Bystolic due to having severe burning/tingling in legs). I have sleep apnea, TMJ and teeth grinding, Hypoglycemia.  Shaking/feel like my entire body is shaking, Starting in Oct/Nov 07 what the Dr. thinks may be Anxiety and/or panic episodes, Infertility & Absent menses/irregularities (took Pergonal for 1st child and Repronex with 2nd, ages 12 and 7), I was checked at 9 yrs old for dwarfism/short stature (5 ft. 1 in)., Since middle of 07 I feel like I have something in my throat,  Puffy Face, Nose appears larger, Hoarseness, Severe Cold Intolerance!,  Dry Eyes, Muscle Aches,  Appetite loss - don’t care if I eat, Fatigue - Always Tired!, thinning hair, Dry Skin/Dry, Brittle Hair/Dry Scalp, IBS, Reflux/GERD.  I could sleep 10 hours a night.  Don’t like to wear clothing that has a collar that is close to the neck.    Could this be a hormone imbalance? Could I still have problems with the thyroid and have normal labs? Would you recommend more testing?  
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Your TSH levels have all been normal - suggesting that thyroid imbalance is not the likely problem.  Antibodies would be interesting, but even if abnormal, with these TSH levels, most would not recommend any treatment.  Would consider ENT eval if neck pain continues.  Thyroid ultrasound is the best imaging study for thyroid -- could have a thyroid nodule with normal TSH (but that would not cause generalized symptoms).
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Sorry, I posted the following statement:  I also asked for FT3, T4, the Antibodies test and cortisone testing and my GP refused.  Cortisone should read Cortisol.

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Ended up at the ER yesterday.  Couldn't get in to see my doc.  Considerable pain has developed in neck region from center of neck around left side and also found a puffy knott behind left ear and 3 days ago started shaking much, much worse.  ER doc had no explaination for the pain in front and side of neck nor for the puffy knott (I wondered if it might be a swollen lymph node).  Only did EKG and Neck x-rays.  Kept asking me what I had done to my neck and I kept telling them that I hadn't done anything to hurt my neck.  Said he believes it might be muscle spasms. He just gave me a shot for pain and script for pain med and muscle relaxers.
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Also, I am in the process of weaning myself off the Bystolic (beta blocker)  could this cause any of these symptoms?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might could offer.
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Although having these sympoms be because of the Bystolic is pretty far reaching as I have had all of these symptoms much longer that I have been on beta blockers.
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