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Thyroid Cyst 5 cm

I have had Blood work come back normal ....TSH1.06....T4  8.9  T3 uptake  33 Free Thyroxine 2.9 ,
an MRI that shows what looks like a colloidal Cyst 5cm in size with mild Trachea deviation
and finally a Ultrasound that came back as a "simple Cyst 5cm arising from left mid to lower pole of the Thyroid"

Thyroid measures out to  Right side 5.1x2.1x1.8cm Left side 7.2 x2.5 x4 cm .  My Primary care wanted to wait and see ....I asked him for a referal to an ENT to evaluate. Can the ENT drain the Cyst as the solution or will the need to take it out.... Also is PEI an option for this size of a Cyst. Whats the Probality this could be Cancerous....

Kevin - Tampa
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A true simple cyst measuring 5cm -- that's unusual, but if so, it is likely a benign (but large) cyst.  Simple cysts are rarely (practically never) cancer.

I would drain the cyst (and send biopsy off to make sure benign), if recurs, then PEI would be an option.
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